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Meet Our Newest Supercharged Shadow Palette: Summer Solstice

Meet Our Newest Supercharged Shadow Palette: Summer Solstice

April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day Beautiful!

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day with the launch of our third crystal-infused eyeshadow palette, Summer Solstice. It is, as always, fully recyclable, completely sustainable, and 100% vegan & cruelty-free. Shadows created to honor and protect this beautiful planet we call home.

Our Summer Solstice palette is completely bow-down inspired by the colors, textures, and energy of this earth, and of summer. The multi-faceted sand grains, the speechless sunsets, the beachside fires, and this palette’s striking crystal infusions: Amber, Ruby, and Topaz.


Also, in honor of Earth Day and the oceans, vistas, and animals that make our lives more magical and memorable, we will be donating 1% of all Summer Solstice sales to 1% For The Planet. This wonderful charity helps fund diverse environmental organizations in the areas of climate, food, pollution, water, and wildlife. This is an initiative we are so happy to support.


Āether Beauty is clean beauty, but supercharged. Supercharged with crystals, with the utmost expertise, and with luxurious, sustainably sourced ingredients that truly make an impact.

Complete with our signature mix of matte, shimmer, satin, metallic + duo-chrome shades, you can create a look for any summer vibe you’re feeling. Whether it’s a tiki torch beach party, an outdoor concert, a glamorous cocktail hour, or just looking #litfromwithin for your everyday life.      


Every shadow is infused with skin-loving organic, fair trade coconut oil & organic, fair trade shea butter for a smooth and buttery feel. Just one swipe for a velvety and high-impact finish.

And for that #littlebitextra, we added a dash of organic prickly pear for more brightness and glow.   


We chose our three warm and decadent crystals, Amber, Ruby, and Topaz to give you that touched-by-the sun, glowing-from-within vibe. #goodvibesonly

Each crystal is handpicked by us to help create the ultra-aligned, transformative summer we wish for each of you.   

Read on for each crystal’s meaning and which shades you’ll find them in.


The Amber-infused shades you’ll love:

  • Sol –Apricot matte
  • Balance – Sienna matte
  • Amber – Golden metallic
  • Midsummer – Golden Saddle Brown satin 
  • Solstice – Pink Quartz to Golden Brown duo-chrome
  • Energy– Rust metallic
Why We Chose Amber  

Amber transforms negative, blocked energies into positive, vibrant energy. It helps remove toxicity from our mind, body, and spirit.

This stone also helps activate and cleanse the sacral and solar plexus chakras – connecting us to that strong life force within.

What we wish for you: that you realize the light-filled, incredibly strong and vibrant being that you are! 


The Topaz-infused shades you’ll lust after: 

Citrine – Light Sand shimmer

New Moon  – Sandstone matte

Solar Eclipse – Peach metallic 

Why we Chose Topaz

Topaz is the stone of creativity and abundance – it helps bring your highest intentions to life. It is known to help instill confidence and strengthen your sense of self-worth.

What we wish for you: that you know how uniquely valuable and deserving you are!


The Ruby-infused shades you’ll wear and wear:

Intrinsic – Red Brown metallic

Sistere – Milk Chocolate matte

Ruby – Pink Ginger metallic

Why we Chose Ruby  

Ruby emanates power, prosperity, and sensuality. It stimulates the heart – awakening passion and love in your life. This means romantic love, friendship love, and love for yourself and this earth.

What we wish for you: we can’t wish this enough for you. May you have more love and compassion for yourself and for this beautiful life in front of you.


What this means: just like with your favorite crystal, the sunlight/moonlight can charge (maximize the qualities of) the crystal infusions inside your palette. 


How to:

  • Place your palette near a window where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or moonlight. The natural light will activate the crystal dust within the shadows and fill them with positive energy.
  • Allow the palette to sit in this spot for 24 hours to receive adequate light.


We hope you love our Summer Solstice Palette. It is our ode to the shimmering, sun-kissed (but SPF’ed of course ;) goddess in each of you.

 - Āether Beauty xo

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