Summer Solstice is Back: 3 Golden-Hour Looks

July 02, 2019

Summer is here! And our Summer Solstice palette is back in stock just in time for bonfires at sundown and dancing until dawn. 

To celebrate its return, we're showing you how to create three star-dusted Summer Solstice looks + we're giving you 10% off with code: SSLOVE! 


Inspired by the magic of summer, this palette has 12 golden-hour shades in matte, shimmer, satin, metallic, and duo-chrome finishes for that lustrous midsummer glow.

It is as always, fully recyclable, completely sustainable, 100% vegan & cruelty-free, and packed with radiance-boosting ingredients like Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Prickly Pear Oil. 



We chose our three warm and decadent crystals, AmberRuby, and Topaz to give you that luminescent, glowing-from-within vibe. Each crystal is hand-picked to bring alignment to your spirit and renewal to your skin:


For your skin: Rubies help hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin from aging free radicals like pollution. 

For your spirit: Ruby emanates power, prosperity, and sensuality. It stimulates the heart – awakening passion and love in your life. Love for others and love for yourself.


For your skin: The succinic acid found in Amber is a powerful antioxidant. It helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals on your skin.

For your spirit: Amber transforms negative, blocked energies into positive, vibrant energy. It helps remove toxicity from our mind, body, and spirit - connecting us to the strong life force within.


For your skin: Releases tension from the face which can cause premature aging.

For your spirit: Topaz is the stone of creativity and abundance. It helps bring your highest intentions to life, strengthening your confidence and self-worth. 



This look is dripped-in-gold, Grecian goddess gorgeousness. With a mix of glistening metallics and sultry mattes, this look says depth and mystery. Real topaz and amber crystals awaken you to your personal power and unique light.

Summer-solstice-eyeshadow-look Summer-solstice-eyeshadow-look-close-up

How-to create this look: 

  • Start with the shade 'Citrine’, a light sand shimmer infused with topaz. Apply in the inner corner, all over your lid (up to the crease) and along the brow bone. 

  • In the crease, use the shade 'Midsummer', a golden saddle satin brown infused with amber.
  • For the outer-v, use the shade ‘Balance’ – a sienna matte infused with amber. Blend upwards and outwards.
  • Line the first half of your lower lash line with the shade 'Amber', an amber-infused golden metallic. Line the back half of the lower lash line with the shade 'Sol', an apricot matte infused with amber.


    Smoky and sultry with a pop of liquid gold glimmer. Amber and topaz crystals infuse your spirit with creativity, prosperity, and a strong sense of self.


    How-to create this look: 

    • Start with the shade 'New Moon', a topaz-infused sandstone matte. Brush it all over the lid.
    • Next, use the shade 'Solar Eclipse', a peach metallic infused with topaz. Apply lightly along the brow bone.  
    • Lastly, use the shade ‘Amber’, an amber-infused golden metallic. Pop it in the inner corner, in the crease, and along the lower lash line.


    Inspired by summer evening sunsets and warm, sandy beaches, this look will add a dose of dreaminess to your everyday. Amber, ruby, and topaz crystals bring vibrancy, passion, and abundance to the spirit.  


    • Start with the shade ‘Solar Eclipse’ a peach metallic infused with topaz. Use it all over the lid.
    • Next, use the shade ‘Ruby’, a pink ginger metallic infused with rubies. Apply it in the outer-v and along the lower lash line.  
    • For the brow bone, use the shade ‘Amber’ – an amber-infused golden metallic. 

    Bonus: The shade 'Citrine' can double as a highlighter! Dust on top of cheekbones, over your cupid's bow, down the center of your nose, and around your temples for an all-over glow.

    For more Summer Solstice looks, watch our video tutorial on the Āether Beauty YouTube channel! 


      We love seeing all the looks you create and can't wait for you try these ones out! Have fun experimenting and tag us on Instagram with all your Summer Solstice creations. 

      -Āether Beauty xo

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